Creating an effective and engaging optical environment

Who is Retail Experience Design? What makes your offering unique? We are a creative retail design agency – this means we design engaging, original physical spaces and environments for retailers or businesses that sell products, services or experiences. We provide a complete design service from initial concepts right through toContinue Reading

For Elite? Yes. Ostentatious? Yes. But Also Effective.

Ana Lopes, a Portuguese-Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist, was visiting the World Economic Forum in 2015 Davos when something unexpected happened. “I was actually there with my husband,” she said of Don Tapscott, the noted Canadian author, businessman and blockchain pioneer who was the official guest. “But spouses are given accessContinue Reading

How to design an effective treaty to curb plastic pollution

By Sarah J. Morath 5 minute Read On February 28, 2022, a meeting of the United Nations Environment Assembly will open in Nairobi, Kenya. At that meeting, representatives from 193 countries are expected to consider a resolution that would launch negotiations on a legally binding global treaty to reduce plasticContinue Reading

Biosafety of human environments can be supported by effective use of renewable biomass

Abstract Preventing pathogenic viral and bacterial transmission in the human environment is critical, especially in potential outbreaks that may be caused by the release of ancient bacteria currently trapped in the permafrost. Existing commercial disinfectants present issues such as a high carbon footprint. This study proposes a sustainable alternative, aContinue Reading