Environmental defenders in Nicaragua denounce government crackdown as elections loom

Indigenous communities in northeastern Nicaragua continue to suffer from violent attacks by land invaders looking to exploit the area for cattle ranching and gold mining. Environmental defenders are increasingly struggling to denounce the violence as President Daniel Ortega targets government critics ahead of elections scheduled for November. Many advocates ofContinue Reading

German citizens′ assembly calls for concrete climate action ahead of elections | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW

To a flurry of online applause and waving hands, citizens from across Germany agreed Wednesday night on more than 80 ways for the country to meet its commitments to slash emissions under the Paris Climate Agreement.  “It was a lot of work,” said Adnan Arslan, a 32-year-old participant in theContinue Reading

How will Ecuador’s elections affect the future of the Amazon? | Environment News

Quito, Ecuador – Environmentalists and Indigenous communities in Ecuador are concerned about the fate of the Amazon rainforest ahead of Sunday’s presidential elections, as the two leading candidates’ environmental plans received moderate to poor rankings from advocates. Illegal logging, oil spills and large-scale mining projects have threatened both the rainforest,Continue Reading