Sussan Ley keeps environment a national emergency

Environment Minister Sussan Ley continues her record of destruction to Australia’s endangered flora and fauna for now and future generations, writes Sue Arnold. NSW CHIEF HEALTH OFFICER Dr Kerry Chant has declared the COVID-19 Delta strain, now devouring Sydney, a national emergency. According to experts, not only is the virusContinue Reading

Environmentalists urge DeSantis to declare Red Tide emergency

ST. PETERSBURG — More than two dozen environmental organizations joined calls for Gov. Ron DeSantis to declare a state of emergency for the Tampa Bay area as Red Tide continues to leave dead fish along the coast and disrupt business across the region. An executive order would help organize andContinue Reading

plastic waste

Plastic waste deposited in a mangrove reserve on Jakarta’s coast by one of the 13 rivers that run through the capital. The Indonesian government has committed to reducing marine plastic debris by up to 70 percent by 2025. (Image copyright: Nabiha Shahab / Published Jun 13, 2021 8:40Continue Reading

Environment Ministry declares oil spill emergency over

One month after Israel’s coastline was devastated by tar from an oil spill at sea, the Environmental Protection Ministry on Wednesday declared the emergency over, though the cleanup operation is still ongoing. The disaster, labeled “Tar in the Storm,” was classified as a Tier 2 pollution event. It saw anContinue Reading

The Climate Crisis is the Defining Emergency of Our Time

The underlying theme of this talk is interconnectedness – the interconnectedness of our global problems and a call to arms to understand that by solving the climate crisis we are in fact going a long way towards solving a host of other man-made problems e.g. employment, gender equality, and possiblyContinue Reading