Land tax loophole endangers our environment

Much of Thailand’s rich biodiversity, like this teeming coastal bog, survives on privately held land that is targeted by a tax on idle property.  Kitichate Sridith The public is little aware of the problem, but a new land tax is Thailand’s most environmentally destructive policy in the 21st century soContinue Reading

Interconnecting Gulfport (Gulfport Highway Project)

Gulfport activists have taken their struggle for environmental justice to the national level, naming the U.S. Department of Transportation and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg as defendants in a landmark lawsuit intended to halt a potentially disastrous road expansion project. How will Buttigieg—affectionately known as Mayor Pete when he wasContinue Reading

Secretive Israel-UAE oil deal endangers prized Eilat corals

EILAT, Israel (AP) — The Red Sea reefs off the Israeli resort of Eilat host some of the greatest coral diversity on the planet. A symphony in splendid technicolor, the reefs are among the world’s most resilient coral colonies against warming seas. They have also become an unlikely battleground, caughtContinue Reading