Texas’s energy system failed. Here’s how it could succeed.

Americans across the nation watched in horror this week as frigid conditions cut power to millions of Texas homes. It left many of us across the country wondering: Could that happen here?   Depending on where “here” is for you, the answer, I’m afraid, is “yes, it can.” Texas faced aContinue Reading

Moonshot approach needed for deep decarbonisation : Energy & Environment

02 February 2021 Speakers at the US Energy Association’s (USEA) 17th Annual State of the Energy Industry Forum last week called for the reimagination of the electricity grid and likened the efforts needed to develop alternative energy carriers, particularly for hard-to-decarbonise sectors, to a “moonshot”. EPRI’s Arshad Mansoor speaking atContinue Reading

The dark side of ‘green energy’ and its threat to the environment

Wind farms and massive arrays of solar panels are cropping up across public and private landscapes both in the United States and abroad as users increasingly turn to “green energy” as their preferred flavor of electricity. President Joe Biden, in fact, has directed the Interior Department to identify suitable placesContinue Reading

Saving Seafood -A Must Read Regarding Offshore Renewable Energy

January 27, 2021 — The following was released by the Responsible Offshore Development Alliance: The United States commercial fishing industry is united around the common goals of protecting our traditional fishing communities, maintaining domestic food security, and leading with evidence-based decision making during an era of rapidly changing ocean use. WeContinue Reading