St Greta’s school for the environment?

It is conceivable that sometime soon a group of parents and teachers will establish an entire school devoted to the environment (rather than specific courses). The pioneers will be very sincere, and very convinced in their beliefs about the state of the globe, human responsibility, and action plans for theContinue Reading

Adaption and reliability of the Nutrition Environment Measures for stores (NEMS-S) instrument for use in urban areas of Chile | BMC Public Health

Health Do. 24-hour movement guidelines – birth to 5 years – brochure. 2017. Accessed 19 Jun 2021. Google Scholar  De Craemer M, Verbestel V, Cardon G, Androutsos O, Manios Y, Chastin S. Correlates of meeting the physical activity, sedentary behavior, and sleep guidelines for the early years among belgian preschoolContinue Reading

Bombers used to save the environment during an oil spill

In 1971, just off the coast of South Africa, one of the worst environmental disasters at sea shocked the world. Hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil-contaminated waters and beaches close to the site before efforts were made to move the stricken ship out of harm’s way.  However, inContinue Reading

BOOX Research profile picture

miriam-doerr/iStock via Getty Images EZCORP, Inc. (NASDAQ:EZPW) operates over 1,150 pawnshops in the U.S. and Latin America. This is a segment recognized as being relatively countercyclical, meaning businesses can benefit from weaker economic conditions. Indeed, the attraction of pawnshops is that they represent an alternative form of financing for cash-strappedContinue Reading

Opinion: Student Government’s toxic environment: The organization’s failings stem from the top

American University’s Student Government has been a broken institution for a long time. Often, students begin at the Senate and Executive branch with initial high hopes for student body advocacy but leave disillusioned at the inefficacy of the organization. Under the current administration, these sentiments have only grown stronger.  StudentsContinue Reading

Reef safe sunscreen is good for the environment and your skin

Placeholder while article actions load For customers taking a snorkeling expedition in Maui, PacWhale Eco-Adventures lists packing suggestions on its website. Among the essentials, there are hats, sunglasses, cameras and towels — but no mention of sunscreen. Hawaii bans some types of sunscreen, so the company instead details a policyContinue Reading

When Women Lead, the Environment Benefits

In case you haven’t noticed, there are some kick-ass women running for office this year. Take Vermont state senator Kesha Ram Hinsdale, who wrote the state’s first environmental justice bill. If she wins her bid for the US House of Representatives, she’ll be the first woman of color to represent Vermont.Continue Reading