Wind Farms Don't Just Hurt The Environment, They're Ugly As Sin

Hoosier Daniel Lee recently noted the policy choice to limit natural gas and coal, combined with mandates for low-energy wind and solar, is making the Midwest energy grid significantly more expensive and unreliable. Federal regulators are also attempting to quash local opposition to eyesore wind farms as they force utilitiesContinue Reading

Hochella, M. F. et al. Natural, incidental, and engineered nanomaterials and their impacts on the earth system. Science 363, eaau8299 (2019). Article  Google Scholar  European Commission. Commission Recommendation of 18 October 2011 on the Definition of Nanomaterial. Official Journal of the European Union L275, 38–40 (2011). Kaegi, R. et al.Continue Reading

Three in Five CIOs Would Replace Half or More of Their Current Technology

AT&S Well Prepared for Challenging Market Environment AT&S continued its growth course in the first three quarters of the financial year 2022/23. “After the positive development in the first half of the year, market conditions deteriorated significantly in the third quarter. Depending on how long this market weakness persists, weContinue Reading

Palm oil is actually not that bad for the environment (anymore)

In the last two decades, palm oil has become an environmental boogeyman, an ingredient that conscious consumers should try to avoid. The oil, found in everything from baby shampoo to ice cream, earned its bad reputation. Over the last 30 years, palm oil companies leveled acre upon acre of treesContinue Reading

Viscom : achieves annual forecast for 2020 in difficult market environment

In today’s security climate, NetOps and SecOps teams are witnessing increased attack surface area as applications and workloads move far beyond the boundaries of their data center. These applications/workloads move to, and reside in multi-cloud architecture, adding complexity to connectivity, visibility, and control. In the multi-cloud world, the SecOps teamsContinue Reading

Environment and Sustainable Development 5 Minute Fix 30: Safeguard mechanism, renewable energy, SA planning review, biodiversity - Knowledge

Climate change Commonwealth: Third round of consultation for reforms to the Safeguard Mechanism The Commonwealth Government has released proposed reforms to the Safeguard Mechanism as a key step in supporting emission intensive industries to contribute to Australia’s net zero by 2050 target and remain competitive in the decarbonising global community.Continue Reading

$2.26 billion approved for Louisiana restoration project | Environment

The Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion, Louisiana’s largest-ever project to rebuild coastal land, was approved on Wednesday to receive $2.26 billion to move forward with construction, with work expected to begin on the unprecedented plans later this year. The decision was issued by the federal-state panel that oversees BP Deepwater Horizon oilContinue Reading

Valuentum profile picture

M. Suhail By Valuentum Analysts Fast-food giant and dividend growth behemoth McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is one of our favorite stocks for consideration in this market environment for three reasons. Because of its largely-franchised business model, McDonald’s rakes in new revenue from its franchisees and is largely shielded from wage and foodContinue Reading