Can New Project Kairos Exist in Harmony with Environment?

Kairos is a new kind of living space that allows an owner and their guests to connect, share and create by synchronously experiencing multiple environments onboard. It offers 90 meters of onboard life without boundaries, created in harmony with Oceanco’s NXT initiative on sustainability and innovation. The yacht is theContinue Reading

SESAR solutions, royal NLR

Landingen op vijfde baan Schiphol Wilfred Rouwhorst, Project Coordinator of PJ.37 ITARO, discusses the importance of boosting SESAR Solutions toward pre-deployment whilst minimising the environmental impact The main aim of the highly ambitious SESAR2020 Wave3 Project PJ.37 ITARO (Integrated TMA, Airport and Runway Operations) is providing a fast track toContinue Reading

The Climate Crisis is the Defining Emergency of Our Time

On the 11th of June 2021, the German Parliament adopted a potentially revolutionary Supply Chain Act (‘the Act’), which establishes that the biggest German-based companies will be required to establish comprehensive due diligence procedures to prevent human rights and environmental abuses within the course of their business, as well asContinue Reading

Aviation Sustainability and the Environment, CAPA 23-Sep-2021

This CAPA report features a summary of recent aviation sustainability and environment news, selected from the 300+ news alerts published daily by CAPA. For more information, please contact us. easyJet issues recommendations to governments to aid transition towards zero emission flying easyJet issued (21-Sep-2021) the following recommendations to governments to aidContinue Reading

Advocating a sustainable environment with modern technologies

Creating a sustainable environment is on the agenda of every organization today. While most companies do this as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts, there has been an increase in organizations that are advocating sustainability in the products and services they develop and offer as well. For example, almostContinue Reading

Environment bland, food lively - Easy Reader News

Thayir vada is a doughnut made of lentil flour beneath a layer of yoghurt with savory spices. Photo by Richard Foss. I like it when restaurants display symbols of culinary culture. The images of village markets laden with exotic produce, bakers proudly holding fresh loaves, grandmothers stirring pots over woodContinue Reading

Overnight Energy & Environment — Presented by the League of Conservation Voters — Senate Finance chair backs budget action on fossil fuel subsidies

  Today we’re looking at the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee vowing to push for action on fossil fuel subsidies, John KerryJohn KerryA new UN climate architecture is emerging focused on need for speed Xi says China will no longer build coal plants abroad Biden’s post-Afghanistan focus onContinue Reading