Jeong Jin-hyeok

By Jeong Jin-hyeok Jeong Jin-hyeok To assure patient safety, biologics developers and manufacturers must carefully consider where contaminants could be introduced to the drug substances (DSs) or drug products (DPs) at all stages of the drug lifecycle. From the filling lines, containers, and stoppers to the air in the surroundingContinue Reading


IT Operations management (ITOM) – a framework that gives IT teams the tools to centrally monitor and manage applications and infrastructure across multi-premise environments – has been the foundation of enterprise IT infrastructure and applications for the last 30 years. It has been the backbone that ensures technology stacks areContinue Reading

Lateral Movement in Containerized Environments

Image Source  What Is Lateral Movement? Lateral movement refers to the actions taken by an attacker, after they have successfully compromised a system or network, to move from their initial point of entry to other systems or networks within the same organization. This can include techniques such as using stolenContinue Reading

Adapting Sensors to Harsh Environments

Sensors are an integral part of modern industry, providing real-time data and feedback to optimize processes and ensure the safe and efficient operation of complex systems. Sensors may be subjected to various variables that are harmful or can impair their functionality while utilized in harsh environments. This article discusses howContinue Reading

Supporting creativity in corporate environments

No matter your industry, you undoubtedly rely on some element of creative content and/or design to connect with your target audience. Even the most highly professional sectors need to have creative individuals on board to build a brand identity and make your products or services more approachable and appealing.   Continue Reading

Antibiotic concentrations and antibiotic resistance in aquatic environments of the WHO Western Pacific and South-East Asia regions: a systematic review and probabilistic environmental hazard assessment

Introduction Antibiotics are considered as emerging contaminants of the aquatic environment that can promote the development and selection of antibiotic resistance in the environment. 1 Holmes AH Moore LSP Sundsfjord A et al. Understanding the mechanisms and drivers of antimicrobial resistance. A potential transfer of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and resistance genesContinue Reading