Employing Open Government Data To Achieve It – Analysis – Eurasia Review

By Sam Neufeld As exhibited at the Government of India’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference, RAISE 2020, there is a growing recognition that AI poses to significantly accelerate progress towards achieving improved developmental and socioeconomic outcomes. In fact, studies published by Nature and the McKinsey Global Institute demonstrate that AI could enable improvements in 100+ targetsContinue Reading

The Climate And Energy Transition Component Of Spanish National Recovery And Resilience Plan – Analysis – Eurasia Review

By Enrique Feás and Federico Steinberg* This paper analyses in detail the climate and energy transition components of the Spanish National Resilience and Recovery Programme. Over 40% of the Plan’s €69.5 billion will be invested in a variety of projects related to sustainability and the fight against climate change. Moreover, sustainabilityContinue Reading

Why A Baby Boom Would Be Good For The Environment – OpEd – Eurasia Review

By <a href=”https://www.eurasiareview.com/author/acton-institute/” title=”Posts by Acton Institute” class=”author url fn” rel=”author”>Acton Institute</a> By Joseph Sunde* It’s become fashionable for doomsday prophets to predict that “overpopulation” will lead to mass starvation and environmental catastrophe. Now, however, with humanity facing a global crash in birthrates, many experts are rightly changing their tune. Contrary to the Malthusian predictions, theContinue Reading

French Trade Minister Says Companies Committed To Increase, Diversify Investments In Saudi Arabia – Interview – Eurasia Review

By Noor Nugali With direct investment amounting to more than €3.7 billion ($4.37 billion), France is one of the largest investors in Saudi Arabia. Projects relating to the Vision 2030 program to diversify the Saudi economy offer yet more opportunities for strengthening the bilateral partnership. France is keen to shareContinue Reading