North Dakota's air, farms are increasingly homes for drones

One of the nation’s least populous states, with about 775,000 people, is betting on the future of commercial drones, autonomous farming, and cybersecurity education. North Dakota is distinguished by its Badlands and flat lands, but high above the sky — 60,000 feet, to be exact — drones are being testedContinue Reading

Model validation To validate the performance of the WRF model, we examined the simulated track and MSLP of Tropical Storm Haitang, and precipitation during the study period against observations. The cyclone best track data and central minimum sea level pressure (MSLP) were obtained from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) typhoonContinue Reading

Environmental justice leaders awed by NC pig farms, landfill

CLINTON As a four-seat plane flew over Sampson County’s landfill last Wednesday, the stench reached 2,000 feet into the air and filled the cabin. Richard Moore, the co-chair of the White House’s Environmental Justice Advisory Council and a longtime environmental justice advocate who is based in New Mexico, was oneContinue Reading