Where humans don't fear leopards

Adventure & Experience | Wildlife Where humans don’t fear leopards (Image credit: Pushpendra Singh Ranawat) While leopards have been targeted for poaching or revenge killings in much of India, the people of Bera continue to live in peaceful cohabitation with the graceful felines. O Our 4×4 negotiated through sparse woodlands and eventuallyContinue Reading

Supreme Court leak strikes fear among environmental lawyers

Placeholder while article actions load Good morning and welcome to The Climate 202! Just a reminder to send your juiciest tips and documents, including Supreme Court draft opinions, to maxine.joselow@washpost.com.  Supreme Court leak strikes fear among environmental lawyers about blockbuster climate case The leaked draft opinion that signals the SupremeContinue Reading

Layla A. Jones

  Janine Jackson interviewed the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Layla A. Jones about “Lights. Camera. Crime,” for the April 15, 2022, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.         CounterSpin220415Jones.mp3 Philadelphia Inquirer (3/29/22) Janine Jackson: Anywhere in this country, you can turn on the local TV news and see prettyContinue Reading

Wilco residents fear environmental damage from planned chemical plant

Wilco residents fear environmental damage from planned chemical plant The manufacturing process, McCormick believes, will create an environmental threat to nearby residents, and a threat to the North Fork of the San Gabriel River located a mile away. The river flows into Georgetown, a point noted by McCormick. WILLIAMSON COUNTY,Continue Reading

Plastic pollution could make much of humanity infertile, experts fear

Since the start of the 2020s, humanity has faced worldwide calamity after worldwide calamity, all of them raising questions about our survival as a species. The COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed millions of lives and not yet finished its rampage. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised the specter of nuclear holocaust,Continue Reading

Disney's left-wing activism creates 'environment of fear' that is 'damaging morale,' conservative workers say

City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo stands by his reporting on Disney’s ‘reimagine tomorrow’ program, arguing the company ‘vindicated’ his reporting. A group of anonymous employees at The Walt Disney Company (TDWC) have spoken out in an open letter, warning the company not to take political stances that alienate someContinue Reading