Trying to fight against single-use plastics | Community

Like many during the coronavirus pandemic, former Nova Scotia politician and lifelong environmentalist Megan Leslie is having a tough time avoiding single-use plastics. “I try hard,” said Leslie, a full-time environmental steward since taking over as president of World Wildlife Fund Canada in 2017. “It has been harder in theContinue Reading

Winning A Fight Against Thin Plastic Bags

Air Date: Week of July 16, 2021 stream/download this segment as an MP3 file Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre. (Photo: Goldman Environmental Prize) Worried about the environmental degradation caused by increasing plastic pollution in Malawi, Gloria Majiga-Kamoto organized a grassroots movement to fight the plastic industry and to support aContinue Reading

an infographic with statistics about the ocean on it

Seaweed plays a crucial role in the ocean’s ability to absorb greenhouse gases. Seaweed is better at absorbing CO2 emissions than trees are. Seaweed is considered a high-value source of protein for humans and livestock. We’re all familiar with the role forests play when it comes to providing a sustainableContinue Reading