Reader of the week | Fight the plastic, not the ban

Catch the big fish The manufacturers are where the work needs to begin. Quite simply, if plastic is not produced at a wider scale, the effect will also automatically be reduced. People are still not in the habit of carrying their own bags and should also be penalised for theContinue Reading

Environmentalists and residents fight a new California gold rush

Companies are seeking to open old mines and explore in new sensitive regions, amid resistance from Californians who want the Gold Rush to remain part of history July 17, 2022 at 12:36 p.m. EDT GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 26, 2022: The Idaho-Maryland gold mineÕs Brunswick Industrial Site in GrassContinue Reading

Displaced by a dam, women defenders fight for their land rights in Colombia

Colombia’s fourth-largest dam, built despite local opposition more than a decade ago, continues to affect the livelihoods of neighboring communities in Colombia’s department of Santander, an area now also targeted by fracking. An ecosystem restoration project designed to compensate for the dam’s environmental impact by buying and restoring degraded landContinue Reading