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Robert Way While the U.S. stock market certainly did not perform great in 2022, the Chinese stock market was a total disaster. When looking at the Chinese companies I have in my portfolio, all of them performed horrible in 2022. And although most Chinese technology stocks outperformed in the lastContinue Reading

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Scientists have created a platform that identifies, defines, and describes the whole suit of the entire planet’s ecosystem for the first time. The research will help improve biodiversity conservation. An international multidisciplinary team of scientists led by University of New South Wales researchers has created the world’s first complete classification of ecosystemsContinue Reading

EPA finally declares toxic ‘forever chemicals’ as hazardous

Comment on this story Comment For decades, Sandy Wynn-Stelt looked at the Christmas tree farm across the street from her home in western Michigan with delight. “How idyllic is that,” she said. “That’s about as quintessential Michigan as you could get.” Only in recent years did she learn of theContinue Reading

Is Plastic Surgery Booming, or Is It Finally Normalized?

Plastic surgery is a hot topic right now. Instagram is flooded with before-and-after pics, people are sharing their personal experiences on TikTok, and more celebrities than ever are getting candid about the work they’ve had done. In 2020, “Zoom dysmorphia” and spending hours a day looking at ourselves on theContinue Reading

Will the UN declaration spur countries to finally act?

On July 28, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a landmark resolution declaring that access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a universal human right. It also called on countries, international organisations and businesses to enhance efforts to ensure a healthy environment for all. This follows a similarContinue Reading

Startups in Pakistan: The ecosystem (finally) takes off

In this episode of the McKinsey on Start-ups podcast, McKinsey executive editor Daniel Eisenberg speaks with investor Aatif Atwan and McKinsey Partner Abdur-Rahim Syed about the burgeoning start-up ecosystem in Pakistan. An edited transcript of their conversation, which took place earlier this year, follows. To hear more episodes ofContinue Reading