Electric Vehicles And The Environment: Good, Bad, Or Indifferent? 

The basic concept involves transferring vehicle energy requirements from a distributed local scale to a regional institutional scale, each having its environmental impacts. Most of the technical literature and virtually all the media focused on a national view assume that electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are somehow connected to aContinue Reading

Is Africa a good place to start a business?

Africa is experiencing a technology boom: the rapid penetration of Internet and mobile technologies make this region more and more interesting for IT entrepreneurs, despite the specificity and heterogeneity of the market. IT in Africa The African continent is a large market, as well as a source of direct accessContinue Reading

Home Compostable Plastics Are Too Good to Be True

Composting is a bit like alchemy. You put food scraps into a bin and, with the help of some busy microorganisms and insects, you end up with rich, usable soil. Converting trash to treasure is an ideal way of dealing with waste, so it’s not surprising that materials scientists haveContinue Reading

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Environmental justice advocates say the year ahead will be crucial in translating environmental justice promises, strategies, and billions of dollars of funding into results for neglected communities. With the Biden administration at the halfway point of a four-year term, environmental equity has been elevated to more of a priority issueContinue Reading

Good news for Indian football! Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to help with grassroots programmes

Arsene Wenger, a former manager of Arsenal and the current head of global football development for the world regulatory body FIFA, will participate in grassroots initiatives and talent development for Indian football. Kalyan Chaubey, the president of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), discussed youth development initiatives in India withContinue Reading

"Innovations that serve a purpose, paired with a good go-to-market strategy are attractive for VCs"

Singapore’s health and biomedical landscape constitutes a vibrant pool of innovative medical technology, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical entrepreneurship. Biomedical sciences industry is the fourth pillar of the country’s manufacturing economy and is extensively fostering local R&D and startups to boost innate innovations. In 2016, the Singapore government committed to a S$4Continue Reading

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da-kuk The Schwab International Dividend Equity ETF (NYSEARCA:SCHY) is based on the same core security selection criteria as the successful Schwab U.S. Equity Dividend ETF (SCHD). With a limited operating history, it is difficult to draw conclusions on the SCHY exchange-traded fund (“ETF”). So far, it appears the SCHY ETFContinue Reading

'Plastic Roads' Are Paved With Good Intention

Transportation officials in multiple states are testing whether roads made from grocery bags, juice cartons, printer ink cartridges or other discarded plastic can make pavement last longer, save money and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. On sections of a busy, four-lane road that cuts throughContinue Reading