Environmental defenders in Nicaragua denounce government crackdown as elections loom

Indigenous communities in northeastern Nicaragua continue to suffer from violent attacks by land invaders looking to exploit the area for cattle ranching and gold mining. Environmental defenders are increasingly struggling to denounce the violence as President Daniel Ortega targets government critics ahead of elections scheduled for November. Many advocates ofContinue Reading

transforming tax collection – Global Government Forum

From till to taxman: by introducing common data standards, governments can ease the process of assessing and collecting tax while cutting companies’ administrative costs. Illustration by Katy Smith By digitally transforming the collection of financial data, governments can streamline and automate the process of assessing and collecting business taxes. ButContinue Reading

What makes government ‘a very tough environment for digital projects’?

Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/Press Association Images Government is a “very tough environment for digital projects”, but cross-government standards and more iterative approaches should help to improve delivery, civil service chief operating officer Alex Chisholm has said. Scale, complexity and outdated technology all make it difficult to effect digital change in government,Continue Reading

Hard Truths: Environmental justice and the U.S. government

In the latest installment of our Hard Truths series, how the federal government is tackling environmental justice, and what it will take to make real change in vulnerable communities. Guests: Henry Herrera, EPA administrator Michael Regan, and Dr. Robert Bullard, distinguished professor of urban planning and environmental policy at TexasContinue Reading