Ambitious roadmap for a cleaner, greener country

Plans to restore nature, improve environmental quality, and increase the prosperity of our country will be set out by the government today (Tuesday 31st January) as it publishes its Environmental Improvement Plan 2023. Building on the vision set out five years ago in the 25 Year Environment Plan, with new powers andContinue Reading

Are Building Codes Keeping Us From a Greener Built Environment?

courtesy Princeton Architectural Press Building codes offer a fundamental baseline of protection in architecture, requiring that buildings be designed and constructed to ensure minimum health and safety standards. Developed over centuries with the primary goal of protecting human settlements from the spread of fire, building codes have a proven trackContinue Reading

greener data centers help with sustainability in tech

IDG Connect recently talked about the growing need for more sustainability in the technology sector. Software applications use a lot of energy, which creates a large carbon footprint. Software needs to be designed to be more energy efficient. However, there are other important considerations, such as improving the sustainability ofContinue Reading

Smaller, greener, extra - an insight into micromoulding

An insight into what micromoulding is by Aaron Johnson, vice president of marketing and customer strategy at Accumold. It is easy when looking at the production of micro plastic parts and components to become overly focused on the intricacies of the micro moulding process per se. Micro moulding is an exceptionallyContinue Reading