Environmental litigation heats up

Governments and corporates are facing an onslaught of litigation over climate change, environmental damag… Governments and corporates are facing an onslaught of litigation over climate change, environmental damage and allegations of ‘greenwashing’. The rise of environmental lawsuits launched by individuals, NGOs, companies and trade associations is staggering: in the 28Continue Reading

‘Vegan Leather’ or Plastic? A Materials Marketing Battle Heats Up

“Do you know where your clothes come from? Would you wear plastic?” Those are questions Australian wool group Woolmark poses as part of its latest campaign. Launched last week, it features a strikingly haunting video of an oil-slicked trio scrambling from a pool filled with crude against apocalyptically overcast skies.Continue Reading

Climate disinformation leaves lasting mark as world heats

In 1998, as nations around the world agreed to cut carbon emissions through the Kyoto Protocol, America’s fossil fuel companies plotted their response, including an aggressive strategy to inject doubt into the public debate. “Victory,” according to the American Petroleum Institute’s memo, “will be achieved when average citizens ‘understand’ (recognize)Continue Reading

Healthy ecosystems key to food security as climate heats up – EURACTIV.com

Creating healthy and sustainable ecosystems in Europe is key to ensuring food security, as heatwaves worsen and Russia blocks grain exports out of Ukraine, the environment commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius told EURACTIV. Virginijus Sinkevičius is the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries. He spoke to EURACTIV’s Kira Taylor about theContinue Reading

Energy & Environment — Intercontinental energy fight heats up

On The Money — Prices remain high while stocks sink Health Care — Democrats ramp up pressure over COVID impasse Russia, Europe escalate energy showdown  Russia and the West are engaging in an escalating energy sparring match as European countries seek to limit their dependence on the Kremlin because ofContinue Reading

Digital acceleration opens opportunities, widens tech gap

SaaS giant ServiceNow and its channel partners are converging on the trillion-dollar-plus telecom vertical market. The company has intensified its collaboration with consultancies and service providers over the last two years, while also seeking to expand its presence within industries. Those two initiatives are now intersecting. This week, Elite-levelContinue Reading

The Climate War Heats Up

Money can’t buy happiness… A phrase easily spoken by those with money but rebuked by those without. The adage is getting lots of attention these days. After parsing through the social commentary of Netflix’s Squid Game — where hundreds of debtors play lethal games with the promise of winning millionsContinue Reading


Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and Representative Alan Lowenthal (CA – 47) introduced the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act to Congress on Thursday, March 25. The anticipation leading up to the bill’s announcement was amplified with comedian and political commentator John Oliver endorsing the act on his late night show just daysContinue Reading