Is your supermarket 'climate-friendly'? Here's how to tell

Our planet is changing. So is our journalism. This weekly newsletter is part of a CBC News initiative entitled “Our Changing Planet” to show and explain the effects of climate change. Keep up with the latest news on our Climate and Environment page. Sign up here to get this newsletter in yourContinue Reading

Stop failed digital transformations before they happen: Here's how to succeed

More than 60% of global GDP last year was projected to have been dependent on digital technologies. So it’s no surprise that companies have increasingly transformed their digital offerings by capitalizing on new developments in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and emerging data technologies. Digital transformations, however, have historically posed someContinue Reading

Here’s how your cup of coffee contributes to climate change

Global coffee consumption has been increasing steadily for almost 30 years. With a daily average consumption of 2.7 cups of coffee per person, coffee is now Canada’s most popular drink. It is estimated that around two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide. This demand has led toContinue Reading