Hidden Costs To The Environment of Ukraine Conflict, Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed the more well-known environmental costs of warfare. Explaining the hidden costs to the environment is harder, though. Not only are there new methods of warfare, like cyberattacks, to account for, but there are also lingering environmental problems this particular conflict could lead to. To reallyContinue Reading

The hidden challenge: Have you defined plastic?

Plastic is among the top priorities for many corporate sustainability strategies. A growing number of companies have goals to reduce plastic use, working to ensure plastic packaging is recyclable and making claims about plastic-free products and packaging. A hidden challenge with these efforts is the lack of clarity about whatContinue Reading

The hidden effects of plastic ingestion

22 December 2021 By Robson G Santos Universidad Federal de Alagoa Plastic is everywhere, in the places we live, but also in our salt, seafood, fruits and vegetables, in the water we drink and even in the air we breathe. Not to mention the absurd amount of plastic which hasContinue Reading

The View From a Supertall Has a Hidden Environmental Toll

Being Silica, a performance by Andrés Jaque at Performa 2021. Photo: Walter-Wlodarczyk Looking northward from the Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center’s observation deck, the skyline is defined by three supertall pencil towers, from left to right: Central Park Tower, the tallest residential building in the world at 98 stories;Continue Reading

Hidden Atmospheric Particles Sculpt Near-Earth Space Environment

The near-Earth space is filled with charged particles that come from two sources, the solar wind and the Earth’s upper atmosphere. A new article published in Reviews of Geophysics investigates the relative importance of the two sources of charged particles and their effects on plasma dynamics, especially the process ofContinue Reading