How can I teach the U.S.’s diverse history in today’s environment?

A weekly advice column for K-12 teachers to share their joys, frustrations, and ongoing questions about teaching. In our current educational and political climate, millions of children are being deprived of their right to fully learn history, read diverse books, and even be themselves in school.  How can teachers pushContinue Reading

Environmental turn in history | Political Economy

he havoc caused by floods makes it incumbent on Pakistan’s academia to devise a plan to inculcate proper awareness about the environmental degradation and climate change among the youth as well as the general public. Every discipline is expected to include courses in their curricula that address the issue ofContinue Reading

A Brief History of Plastic Packaging

Elena Bilheimer, EcoNews Journalist With the recent signing of Senate Bill 54 (SB 54) into law on June 30, 2022 by Governor Gavin Newsom, the plastic packaging and waste systems in California are set to change in the near future. While this law isn’t a comprehensive cure-all solution to theContinue Reading

Tracing the History of Polymeric Materials: Part 23

Noryl started out as a miscible mixture of PPO, a high-performance but very hard-to-process engineering thermoplastic, and the commodity resin HIPS. Varying the blend proportions suits applications ranging from technical parts to heat-resistant thermoformed packaging like these trays. (Photos: SABIC) As discussed in my last column, the engineering thermoplastic polyphenylene oxideContinue Reading

Monthly Review | A New Environmental History of Socialist States

Andy Bruno is an associate professor of history and environmental studies at Northern Illinois University and the author of The Nature of Soviet Power: An Arctic Environmental History and Tunguska: A Siberian Mystery and Its Environmental Legacy. Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, Socialist States and the Environment: Lessons for Ecosocialist Futures (London:Continue Reading

Plastics Technology

By the mid-1950s, polymer chemists had come to understand that there was a relationship between the stiffness of the molecular chains that make up the polymer backbone and the property known as the glass-transition temperature (Tg). In amorphous polymers, the Tg represents the softening temperature of the material, and maximumContinue Reading

Canals cut through the marsh by oil companies are thought to be a primary cause of land loss around Isle de Jean Charles.

Gay Hanks became an environmental activist in Kaplan in 1978 after losing her young daughter to leukemia, a diagnosis she believed was to linked to their environment. She founded the Vermilion Association to Protect the Environment and fought to close more than 50 oilfield waste sites in Vermilion Parish, and she helped rewrite regulations governing oil and gasContinue Reading

6 Best Documentaries About Food Justice, History, Culture

The food justice movement is a grassroots initiative and structural view that sees nutritious food as a human right. It argues that lack of access to healthy food is both a symptom and cause of the structural inequalities that divide society, while recognizing how race, class, and gender play vitalContinue Reading