3,000 Years Ago, Human Activity Destroyed Vegetation And Irreparably Damaged Local Environment – Eurasia Review

Examining fuel remains from furnaces in the biblical-era copper mines of Timna Valley, in southern Israel, the researchers concluded that the immense copper industry had overexploited woody plants used to prepare charcoal, and without which the industry itself was eventually forced to shut down. To this day, the local environmentContinue Reading

Dell Designathon is synergizing purpose-driven innovation and contemporary technology to drive human progress in 2022, CIO News, ET CIO

The pandemic engendered workplace transformations and caused organizations to embrace remote working arrangements. In the new normal, such transformations in the workplace have become permanent and a hybrid model of working has emerged as mainstream for organizations across various sectors. In the hindsight, transitioning from traditional workspaces to remote workingContinue Reading

3,000 years ago, human activity destroyed vegetation and irreparably damaged the Timna Valley environment

Investigating a pile of industrial waste mixed with charcoal on Slaves’ Hill, Timna Valley. Credit: Erez Ben-Yosef and the Central Timna Valley Project. Researchers from Tel Aviv University collected samples of charcoal used as fuel for metallurgical furnaces in the Timna Valley, located in Israel’s southern desert region, during theContinue Reading

UN recognition of the human right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment – a new pathway for nature and people

Opi Outhwaite, Environmental Law Specialist at UNEP-WCMC, reflects on the realities and implications of the recent UN resolution on the right to a healthy environment  This resolution is one of the most fundamental declarations to date of the relationship between people and nature. It recognises that clean and healthy ecosystems,Continue Reading

Vietnam's Tech Startups: Human Resource Challenges

Vietnam’s startup environment is dynamic and is rapidly growing. However, human resources are one of several challenges for tech start-ups. Vietnam Briefing addresses key issues in tech startup talent and approaches for attracting and retaining them. Vietnam is now the third most active startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia, behind onlyContinue Reading