The advent of modern times brought a lot of new aspects, among which global interconnectedness is one. People are now more connected than they ever were. As experts rightly say, the world has turned into a Global village. This characteristic makes it possible for humans to reach every part ofContinue Reading

EPS (Expanded form of Polystyrene) remains the most preferred material for the industries due to its availability.Lack of expertise and awareness that lead to overuse of EPS in packaging, D├ęcor items and disposable cutlery. EPS is recyclable; however the cost of recycling is too high for non-producers to invest in the required machinery. The endContinue Reading


Consumers are becoming more responsible and choosier when it comes to shoppingwith brands. They are opting for brands that give back to nature and society throughtheir processes and values. Brands are becoming more and more aware of theircorporate social responsibility and are consistently adopting sustainable practices asa part of theirContinue Reading