PIP (Payal Industrial Park) Bolsters Indian Economy’s Prosperity

THE TRAIL TO DEVELOPMENT  India’s rapid economic growth has been fuelled by industry-led development. And to that end, industrial parks play a crucial role in fostering new industries and businesses over time as they provide the necessary infrastructure for survival while also prioritising connectivity with other aspects of life likeContinue Reading

Shashi Shekhar Vempati

Earlier in June this year the UK’s Financial Times carried an in-depth report on how Xi Jinping’s China was betting heavily on what have been described as “strategic emerging industries” – from hi-tech manufacturing to renewables, AI to quantum computing. With more than 900 billion dollars ofContinue Reading

Making the Indian Ocean plastic free

Last month, I had the privilege of representing India at the high-level UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, where India assured the world community that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is committed to protecting at least 30 per cent of “our” lands, waters and oceans, and thus adhere toContinue Reading

Quick delivery commerce – the new big thing in the Indian EV sector

The Indian quick commerce industry is expected to witness approximately a 15X growth by 2025, reaching a market size of close to $5.5 billion. These numbers are enough to put India ahead of other leading markets including China in terms of quick commerce adoption. Quick commerce platforms which facilitate 10-20-minuteContinue Reading

The ban on single-use plastics- The New Indian Express

This morning a little girl gave me a plastic-wrapped sweet to celebrate her birthday. She waited till I opened the wrapper, popped the sweet into my mouth and told her that it was very sweet. She ran away, leaving me with the wrapper. Coming from a famous company, the wrapperContinue Reading

Intel Startup Program, Indian School of Business Launch 'Growth Tunes—a Leadership Series' for High-Impact Startups

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. The Intel Startup Program in collaboration with the Indian School of Business (ISB), under the aegis of the Emerging TechnologyCentre (ETC), on June 30 launched ‘Growth Tunes – A Leadership Series’, anContinue Reading