Synapse CEO Sankaet Pathak interview

Synapse empowers startups, enterprises and financial institutions with end-to-end banking infrastructure designed to fuel the next generation of financial products and services. Easy to summarise – the challenging bit is the execution. Synapse CEO Sankaet Pathak and his road to fintech fame has formed many a fintech profile. For anyoneContinue Reading

John Thomas - Autel Energy

John Thomas, a 30-year automotive veteran and EV driver, leads Autel Energy as COO with a passion for advancing technical solutions that elevate the industry and support clean vehicle and EV adoption. His goal is to improve the planet’s sustainability through his efforts, which include enhancing the driver experience, supportingContinue Reading

Exclusive interview with Abhijeet Sinha, Project Director, National Highway for EV

Abhijeet Sinha is a Technocrat, Policy Entrepreneur currently contributing with tech pilots in the Prime Ministerial initiative on Ease of Doing Business as National Program Director of EoDB Services. Previously associated with Vibrant Gujarat, Pilots of NPR-UIDAI,IMNCI (Asha-Anganwadi) before joining then CM Modi’s Citizen for Accountable Governance (CAG) team in 2014 parliamentary polls. HisContinue Reading

Faircado, Interview with CEO Evoléna de Wilde d'Estmael

Faircado CEO Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael Faircado, a Berlin, Germany-based startup that provides an AI-powered second-hand shopping assistant, raised €500K in pre-seed funding. In conjunction with the announcement, CEO Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael agreed to answer our questions about the company, the product, the funding and future plans. Evolena isContinue Reading

Finalist Interview: UPLIFT recyclable plastics solution | Article

To start off, could you summarise your entry UPLIFT, in less than 50 words? The overall idea of UPLIFT (sUstainable PLastIcs for the Food and drink packaging industry) is to biologically depolymerize bio- and fossil-based plastic packaging waste and convert it into more renewable and easily upcyclable polymers, following aContinue Reading