Ireland to clamp down harder on plastic cutlery – The Irish Times

Custom officers must check for many things: drugs, tobacco, animals and illegal firearms. From next year they will also be on the lookout for other items packed away in shipping containers – namely plastic knives and forks. For these seemingly benign items are among pollutants causing huge concern across Europe.Continue Reading

Cerenovus wins Irish Medtech Company of the Year accolade

The Irish Medtech Association, the Ibec group that represents the medtech sector, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland has announced the winners of the Irish Medtech Awards. The accolade of Medtech Company of the Year was awarded to Cerenovus, part of Johnson and Johnson MedTech. Ibec head of sectors, and directorContinue Reading

These Irish doctors are on call for the environment

LAST month, the World Health Organisation declared climate change ‘the single biggest health threat facing humanity’. It warned that global warming would lead to escalating physical and mental health problems. The signs are already there. A 2018 Belgian study  found a positive relationship between temperatures rising above 21ºC and admissions toContinue Reading

An uncertain future for Irish dairy

If you thought humans wearing facemasks to shops to buy their milk was a strange sight, wait until the cows who make the milk start wearing facemasks too. he ZELP – or Zero Emissions Livestock Production methane-reduction device – is designed to be worn by cows and is one ofContinue Reading