Issues of the Environment: Recycle Ann Arbor is a leader in plastics recycling

Overview Recycling plastic is a conundrum. Waste management experts say the problem with plastic is that it is expensive to collect and sort. There are now thousands of different types of plastic, and none of them can be melted down together. (Source: *directly quoted* Michigan is now one ofContinue Reading

Brazil's New Administration Prioritizes ESG Issues

Related Practices & Jurisdictions In line with our November 2022 news alert, Brazil’s new administration has had a very busy January pursuing its social, environmental, and climate agendas. In his first week in office, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) initiated significant institutional restructuring, repealed previous administration policies, and announced severalContinue Reading

Issues of the Environment: Michigan winters are changing and climate adaptation is key to the future

Overview Meteorologists at the National Weather Service reviewed decades of temperature and precipitation data for southeast Michigan and found the month has, on average, gotten warmer and less snowy. Dr. Richard Rood and other climatologists working through the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA) team have developed models thatContinue Reading

5 Environmental Issues in South America in 2023

Many countries around the world are either facing or will likely face the full-scale impacts of climate change. South America, home to the second-largest river and the world’s longest mountain range, exemplifies biological diversity and natural landscapes that breed terrestrial, marine, and aquatic life and creates a diverse environmentContinue Reading

Issues of the Environment: Improving our environment with the use of a 'circular economy'

Overview Ann Arbor wants residents to get used to finding ways to extend the life of household goods such as toys, clothing, vehicles and bikes, furniture, and appliances by sharing, lending, repairing, and reusing them. At present, 67% of Washtenaw County waste ends up in Wayne County! (Source: TheContinue Reading

Five environmental issues to watch for in Indiana's 2023 legislative session

Renewable energy, climate change mitigation and ongoing efforts to improve statewide water quality are top issues for Indiana environmental advocates in the 2023 legislative session. Bills already filed by state lawmakers center around local water infrastructure, biofuel tax credits, confined feeding operations and solar panels. More bills will be filedContinue Reading

CEQ Issues New Climate Guidance For Environmental Impact Analysis

Overview On January 9, 2023, the Council for Environmental Quality (“CEQ”) published interim National Environmental Policy Act Guidance on Consideration of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change (hereafter, “guidance” or “GHG Guidance”).1  CEQ intends for agencies to apply the guidance now even as CEQ seeks public comment on it.2  TheContinue Reading