Hotel owners, investors and developers, will gather at inaugural Energy & Environment Alliance Summit to discuss ESG investment and Net Zero Carbon

Cologne, Germany & Alexandria, VA – HRS, the leading global corporate travel and payment technology platform, and GBTA, the world’s largest business travel association, announced today the results of a comprehensive survey of travel and procurement leaders from Europe and North America. The results from the June survey illuminate theContinue Reading

How energy, environment issues are playing in Senate races

Debates over energy prices and what to do about climate change are continuing to dominate some key Senate races. Whether those issues will be a decisive factor remains to be seen, but in recent weeks, prognosticators have downgraded Republicans’ chances of retaking the Senate majority. Forecasting website FiveThirtyEight thinks DemocratsContinue Reading

Bird on a coffee plant, Hacienda Venecia Coffee Farm, Manizales, Colombia

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world, which means it is produced and exported on a mass global scale. Naturally, large-scale agricultural production can sometimes be at odds with environmental conservation and protection efforts – often because of links to deforestation and poor farm management, forContinue Reading

Issues of the Environment: An Ann Arbor high school freshman leading the way for a new generation of environmental activists

Overview Many students eagerly anticipate back-to-school shopping. Traditionally, students have sought out outfits that express their personal style and wearing the latest fashion trends was part of the fun. However, the thirst to wear the latest fashions may be going out of style in Ann Arbor. These days, students areContinue Reading

Top 6 Environmental Issues in the US in 2022

As the latest IPCC report warned, it is ‘now or never’ to limit global warming below 1.5C. Countries around the world are already bearing the brunt of climate change but the reality is that, unless we reverse this trend, the effects that we are going to experience in theContinue Reading

Issues of the Environment: Investing in the Ypsilanti area's ability to capture stormwater and adapt to a changing climate

Overview Washtenaw County recently received a large grant from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to increase green infrastructure in Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township by building rain gardens, wild prairie pollinator gardens, and planting trees in community spaces The grant comes via the Southeast Michigan Resilience Fund, and there are sevenContinue Reading