NAIROBI, Kenya — Vultures scavenge for dead animals along a river turned sewer conduit in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Its waters turn from clear to black as it traverses informal settlements and industrial hubs. The river and its tributaries cross Kibera, known as Africa’s largest slum with close to 200,000 residents,Continue Reading

A Big Tech talent war threatens Kenya’s start-ups

When Lori Systems launched in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2016 as road haulage’s answer to Uber, local software engineers raced to join the company. Nairobi’s start-up scene was growing and Lori’s co-founder, Jean-Claude Homawoo, had quit his job at Google in New York and hedged his bets on Africa, believing inContinue Reading

Coca-Cola’s PET Bottles A Threat To Kenya’s Plastic-Free Ambitions: Activists

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenyan environmentalists have condemned a decision by soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola to switch from green-colored plastic bottles to clear easily-recyclable bottles for their Sprite drinks. “Coca-Cola’s latest campaign is nothing short of greenwashing,” Fredrick Njehu, a senior political advisor at GreenSpace Africa, told Zenger News. Corporate greenwashing is behavior or activitiesContinue Reading