The DEI label doesn’t always fit » Media in Canada

Once a week, Initiative’s Ishma Alexander-Huet will be offering a lesson she has learned after a year of asking questions about how to make the media and advertising industries more equitable. Read her previous lessons here. By Ishma Alexander-Huet Last year, many companies with diversity, equity and inclusion among theirContinue Reading

EPA's Carlton Waterhouse Disputes “Racist” Label

BuzzFeed News; Getty Images / Via YouTube / Carlton Waterhouse, the Biden administration’s nominee to run the Environmental Protection Agency office in charge of cleaning up the nation’s most toxic waste sites, has spent his career fighting policies that hurt people of color. Now, in the lead-up to hisContinue Reading

Phase Holographic Imaging Supports New RegeneratOR Test Bed with Label Free Non-destructive Live Cell Imaging

Newswise — Aug. 2, 2021 – Phase Holographic Imaging is collaborating with the RegeneratOR Test Bed, a new regenerative medicine endeavor in North Carolina, by providing its technology to help support start-up companies in the regenerative medicine space. This partnership will help accelerate the growth of these start-ups and scaleContinue Reading

Why banks need to adopt white label lending platforms

🔊 Listen to this Article As the Indian economy looks to shift from response to recovery post-pandemic, there is much expected from the financial institutions lending to the Small and mid sized businesses. Like it has happened in every other country, the smallest businesses have taken a massive blow andContinue Reading

Environmental scorecard

As we move into the reign of Joe Biden, I have been struck by the time, energy and money that it will take to repair the damage caused by the Trump administration. It’s a little bit like dumping pressure sensitive waste into a landfill and creating methane gas, 20 timesContinue Reading