Washington Adopts Major Environmental Justice Law

Washington State has joined a growing number of states that have adopted keystone environmental justice laws. On May 17, 2021, Governor Jay Inslee signed the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act, E2SSB 5141, into law.  The new law recognizes that many communities experience disproportionately greater environmental health impacts as a resultContinue Reading

Environmental Justice Arrives in Washington State Law

  When she was a girl, Rosalinda Guillen could reach into the Swinomish Channel and bring up a net full of smelt. These days, the fish trickle by in small schools. Guillen, nearing 70, watches increasingly dry summers in the Skagit Valley. When rain comes, it’s often a deluge: FarmworkersContinue Reading

Covid-19 has worsened a shaky rule of law environment

Since the global pandemic struck just over a year ago, evidence strongly points toward a deterioration of already worrisome trends regarding the rule of law worldwide. This matters because the rule of law is the essential foundation for ensuring accountability of both government and private actors, just laws that protectContinue Reading

Chief Justice John Roberts' attack on national monuments and environmental protections is bad law.

The Supreme Court turned away a major challenge to the president’s ability to protect marine ecosystems on Monday, a victory for the environment that comes with a caveat: Chief Justice John Roberts expressed his desire to narrow—really, eviscerate—the executive branch’s power to safeguard large areas of environmentally sensitive lands, especiallyContinue Reading

The Climate Crisis is the Defining Emergency of Our Time

Key Developments in 2020 In 2020, there were a number of key environmental law developments across Canada with potential impacts on the energy sector. Highlights include the following: BRITISH COLUMBIA BC’s New Environmental Assessment Regime Now in Force: In March 2018, the BC government launched the process for revitalizing theContinue Reading

Environmental law after Brexit | White & Case LLP

It has now been a year since the UK exited the EU and a matter of months since the transition period came to an end. For the most part, there have not been major changes to environmental regulation in the UK. Instead, the UK has made small tweaks to itsContinue Reading

Sustainable development and environmental law – The Manila Times

SUSTAINABLE development is often equated with “development without destruction,” which means sustainable utilization of resources for the benefit of mankind in a way compatible with the maintenance of the natural elements of the ecosystem. It is the wise use of the environment, which connotes sustainable utilization for the benefit ofContinue Reading