Adaptive learning: Helpful to the flipped classroom in the online environment of COVID? - Clark - - Computer Applications in Engineering Education

1 INTRODUCTION Pre-class preparation has been a challenge for flipped teaching and learning. With flipped instruction, students begin learning foundational content independently before class using resources such as prerecorded videos and textbook readings. Unfortunately, prerecorded videos and readings provide “one-size-fits-all,” non-personalized instruction before students must apply the content in theContinue Reading

Indoor environmental light in older persons with dementia

Introduction The learning environment (LE) is an important determinant of the quality of medical education in a post-graduate residency program.1 It has been defined as a set of factors that describe a learner’s experiences.2 It has three components; the physical environment, safety, sheltering and other facilities; emotional environment, support andContinue Reading

'Students are not learning in the safest environment'

The Oak Creek Health Department is urging the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District to instate a mask mandate. Continuing Coverage: Coronavirus in WisconsinIn a letter to the district on Tuesday, the health department said students in the Oak Creek-Franklin School District are not learning in the safest environment. The letterContinue Reading