Don't Take The Wrong Lessons From Joshimath And Shikharji

An hour’s drive ahead of Rishikesh, towards Devprayag, one comes across a secluded tea stall. A few minutes trek downhill from the tea stall, over a bridge on the Ganga, on any morning with bearable temperatures, one comes across several couples with their entourage of photographers and friends, preparing forContinue Reading

Making the Move: Key Lessons from Nasdaq MRX Cloud Migration

Nasdaq has reached a new milestone in its cloud journey as the MRX options market has fully migrated to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, leveraging co-engineered AWS Outposts. With this move, we are paving the way for the next generation of capital markets to enable greater scalability when managingContinue Reading

Top Lessons From Bulgarian IT Intrapreneurship Leaders

  In the 80’s one small team of engineers independently developed a computer that changed the future of computers forever. The Apple Macintosh computer (aka MAC) is still one of the most famous intrapreneurship products. Steve Jobs described the process in the following way: “The Macintosh team was what isContinue Reading

Lessons from Africa's innovation history

It’s not as old as the Egyptian hieroglyphs, but the continent’s journey to digital innovation holds lessons for today. The bad news is that we’ve mostly not cared. It’s easy to fall into the trap of recent memory and lose the context and lessons from where we started. Africa’s digitalContinue Reading

Closing the quantum workforce gap: Lessons from AI

When AI emerged from its long winter and sprung onto business agendas in the 2010s, a scarcity of data science talent put considerable constraints on how and where business leaders could apply the technology. While AI talent challenges remain, strides have been made and manyContinue Reading

Design-led, Data-driven CX: The Lessons So Far

The pandemic impacted behaviors and the way we engage with the business. And its impact on customer experience (CX) has been nothing less than colossal. The pandemic years gave us a taste of what’s possible (and not possible) in a digital-only world. It also set a new benchmark for experienceContinue Reading

ArentFox Schiff

The first two years of the Biden Administration have resulted in a seismic shift in terminology in the environmental space. Environmental justice (EJ), formerly viewed as a theoretical goal, has become unifying federal driver touching permitting, rulemaking, civil-rights investigations and policy-setting across all sectors of environmental law, including those atContinue Reading