Leveraging the positive growth outlook for logistics in 2023

The logistics industry, as we see it, is undergoing transformative change. Global variables such as changing consumer demand and ongoing economic uncertainties are necessitating changes in the supply chains that require resilience and flexibility. With the pandemic accelerating the shift to digital, the ecosystem is challenging us to think differently.Continue Reading


By Milan Shetti, CEO Rocket Software In today’s volatile markets, agile and adaptable business operations have become a necessity to keep up with constantly evolving customer and industry demands. To remain resilient to change and deliver innovative experiences and offerings fast, organizations have introduced DevOps testing into their infrastructures. DevOpsContinue Reading

Leveraging AI-Driven Data Analytics to Thrive in Today’s Competitive Business Environment

Leveraging-AI-Driven-Data-Analytics-to-Thrive-in-Today’s-Competitive Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered analytics are a “must-have” for enterprises today when it comes to digital transformation. Any enterprise that leans on data to manage its operations and deploys data as the primary source of information, can endorse this. Daren-Trousdell Furthermore, he adds that through the power of AI andContinue Reading

Leveraging human potential in digital work environments

How do you manage people when your workforce is dispersed and employee expectations are at an all-time high and growing? Even before the pandemic, businesses were already grappling with these challenges as technology, digitization and the arrival of Millennials and Gen Z were changing how, where and when people worked.Continue Reading

An initiative of Nandi Nandan Breeds and Seeds, PashuBajaar wants to optimise and bring about transparency in livestock trade by connecting farmers directly with the consumers. The initiative has empowered women with a new role as goat traders, thereby improving their social status and making them financially independent. “Selling goatsContinue Reading