Brett Roberts, GHD’s global market leader – digital environment, offers a preview of his presentation at the upcoming Environment Analyst Global Business summit this August in Denver. 20 May 2022 / Digital, Global, North America, Science & Technology, Sustainability Brett Roberts of GHD will be participating inContinue Reading

Founded by Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar, Whatfix is a leading Digital Adoption Platform that helps companies deploy advanced software tools rapidly and securely. The SaaS startup offers seamless integration with applications to empower users, providing in-context information and guidance to immediately increase individual capability and collectively amplify productivity. ItContinue Reading

Leveraging Data Virtualization to Accelerate Machine Learning Initiatives

Today, machine learning is used in all major industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, travel, financial services, and energy. Some of the top machine learning use cases include predictive maintenance and condition monitoring in manufacturing, dynamic pricing in travel, and upselling and cross-channel marketing in retail. In fact, according to Forbes,Continue Reading

Honda Introduces Initiatives in New Areas, Taking on Challenges in New Areas while Leveraging Its Core Technologies

TOKYO, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today introduced the technology development direction the company is currently pursuing for the challenges Honda is taking on in new areas while leveraging its core technologies. This direction leads to the fulfillment of Honda’s 2030 Vision of serving people worldwideContinue Reading