Life Style for Environment (LiFE)

Dr. Parveen Kumar Environment refers to all the biotic (living) that is plants, animals and micro-organisms as well as abiotic (non-living) factors like temperature, rainfall, floods, humidity, water etc. An intricate relationship exists between environment and human health. A good environment ensures healthy living beings and healthy individuals. A healthyContinue Reading

It's Time For The Life Sciences Industry To Embrace Quality 4.0

Oxana K. Pickeral, Ph.D., MBA, is President and CEO of Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company. getty The life sciences industry is facing unprecedented levels of change and transformation. On the bright side, the global biotechnology market surpassed $1 trillion in 2021 and is expected to grow 13.9% annually from 2022Continue Reading

The Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences (CASTL) announces location for Quebec Biomanufacturing Training Facility

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island & MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences (CASTL) announced today its expansion into Quebec with the location of their future Biomanufacturing Training Facility in Montreal. Located at 4100 Molson Street, in the heart of the Technopôle Angus, the new 4544 squareContinue Reading

Allowing GM crops: Threat to environment and human life in India

Guest Writer: Vinod K. Shah, Independent Journalist 11 January 2023, New Delhi: The Supreme Court has to decide on the petition to destroy the genetically modified mustard plant before it flowers. The matter of banning the commercial cultivation of GM Mustard DMH-11 in the country is already under consideration. The petitioner hasContinue Reading

Chicken fillets can be packaged in recyclable plastic without affecting either the quality or shelf life

“Our studies show that it is possible to optain similar quality and shelf life for chicken fillet products when they are packed in recyclable packaging made from recycled plastic compared to conventional and nonrecyclable plastic materials,” says Nofima Senior Scientist Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen. Packaging must protect the food The mostContinue Reading

How will Colorado's new plastic bag fee impact your life?

With statewide plastic bag fees arriving in Colorado on Jan. 1, ushering in a new era of reuse and recycling, governments and private companies are boosting their efforts to make the transition meaningful and workable. Walmart is jumping past the new state law on plastic and foregoing disposable bags altogetherContinue Reading