Partner services growth mandate prompts HPE revenue momentum

Heiko Meyer (HPE) Credit: HPE Partners and customers have provided Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) with a strong mandate to continue serving up edge-to-cloud solutions and services, evidenced by increased revenue margins during the third and fourth quarters of the year. The vendor’s third quarter financials returned a net revenue of $7Continue Reading

UN Special Rapporteur on Environmental Defenders presents his vision for mandate to ensure protection under Aarhus Convention

“Environmental defenders continue to be exposed to significant risks of penalisation, persecution, harassment and even killings. And these risks do not spare the geographical area of the Aarhus Convention, where environmental defenders are facing reprisals, a shrinking civic space, restrictive legal frameworks and strong attacks from companies”, warned the SpecialContinue Reading

Marin officials pan environmental report on housing mandate

The Jeannette Prandi Children’s Center at 2 Jeannette Prandi Way in Lucas Valley on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022. The county has identified a 33-acre parcel near the center to permit new housing to meet a state mandate. (Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal) The Buck Institute for Research on Aging on theContinue Reading

Marin housing mix shifts in environmental report for mandate

Parts of northern San Rafael and northern Novato could have additional housing assigned to them as part of the county’s effort to comply with an ambitious state housing mandate. The draft environmental impact report for the housing and safety elements updates to Marin’s 2007 countywide plan are now available forContinue Reading

Bottle return at a reverse vending machine.

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) on April 14 released 2021 data on virgin and recycled plastic usage in beverage containers covered by the state’s deposit law. | Pazargic Liviu/Shutterstock Numbers for 2021 show some big beverage brands were ahead of the game when it comes toContinue Reading

UN Adopts Mandate for Global Plastics Treaty

In late February, the United Nations Environmental Assembly, representing officials from 175 countries, adopted a resolution aimed at ending plastic pollution and said it would work toward creating an international, legally binding agreement about it by 2024. A UN press release said the agreement is the most important “international multilateralContinue Reading

Surplus Corn Pile

Surplus corn piled outside a farmer’s co-op storage facility in Paoli, Colorado. If you’ve pumped gas at a U.S. service station over the past decade, you’ve put biofuel in your tank. Thanks to the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS, almost all gasoline sold nationwide is required to contain 10%Continue Reading