Top four zero trust misconceptions

The federal government is accelerating the move toward zero trust security. As part of the President’s Executive Order for Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, agency decision makers should by now have developed a plan to implement a zero trust architecture (ZTA), incorporating migration steps laid out by the National Institute ofContinue Reading

Expert Debunks Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

Image: Shutterstock The science of plastics and aesthetics surgery has evolved significantly. Unlike common opinion, plastic surgery is not limited to the enhancement of one’s appearance; it is also an important therapeutic tool to recover from trauma and accidents. However, the comprehensiveness of this speciality is yet unknown to manyContinue Reading

What are smart factories? 7 misconceptions and a definition

IoT Analytics this month launched the Smart Factories Insights Report 2021 discovering 80 smart factories, portraying 10 of them in detail, and highlighting commonalities and best-practices. The analysis of these also uncovered some common misconceptions about what it takes to realize a smart factory. Key findings of the research include:Continue Reading

Misconceptions About Strategic Branding & Marketing In China 

The draw of the Chinese consumer market lies in its size. With a fast-growing middle class and increasing household wealth, it’s no wonder that China continues to attract foreign brands of all stripes to its shores. At the same time, for every Starbucks, there are hundreds of others that haveContinue Reading