Indonesia Online Loan and Insurance Industry Outlook to 2024

In July 2019, IBM acquired Red Hat and accelerates its high-value business model, bringing Red Hat’s open-source innovation to a larger customer and accelerating its high-value business model. In April 2022, Oracle announced the release of Oracle Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M, the most recent version of its most potent OracleContinue Reading

“Foldables are transforming and reshaping the mobile market, and Samsung is leading that evolution,” says TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business, Samsung Electronics

TM Roh talks about the popularity of foldable form factors, the mobile business in Southeast Asia and the influence of youth on innovations   Kuala Lumpur – July 7, 2022 – During a recent visit to Indonesia, TM Roh expressed confidence in the continued popularity of foldable smartphones globally. InContinue Reading

Mobile game industry on way to providing 100,000 jobs

Dominating the market, the mobile game industry is known for its vast export, employment and growth potential. And over the last few years, Turkey has emerged as one of the global hubs for mobile gaming. Most developers used to be based in Istanbul, but that trend has changed as theyContinue Reading

Magna International (Canada), Howa Plastics (Japan), COBA Plastics (UK), Zatecsa (Spain), Honasco (Germany), Lear (USA), Meiwa Plast (Japan), Minoru Kasei (Japan), NANJO Auto Interior (Japan) – ChattTenn Sports

The Plastic Products and Modified Plastics report is an in-depth examination of the global Plastic Products and Modified Plastics’s general consumption structure, development trends, sales techniques, and top nations’ sales. The research looks at well-known providers in the global Plastic Products and Modified Plastics industry, as well as market segmentation, competition, andContinue Reading

How One Global helps make day-to-day digital service payments more mobile

he Middle East’s tech boom is underway, as government initiatives prioritise digital transformation, and emerging technologies take centre stage in both the public and private sectors, as many countries in the region aim to diversify their economies. Fintech, one of the leading technology trends, is rapidly transforming the financial sectorContinue Reading