UNEP and S&P Global Sustainable1 Launch New Nature Risk Profile Methodology

Expert methodology to guide business action for nature DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and S&P Global Sustainable1 announce today the launch of the Nature Risk Profile, a new methodology for analyzing companies’ impacts and dependencies on nature. The Nature Risk Profile is aimed at enablingContinue Reading

Oxford leads Nature Positive Universities Alliance to reverse biodiversity decline – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Educational News

Today at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15), the University of Oxford and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) announced the launch of the Nature Positive Universities Alliance – a global network of universities that have made an official pledge to advance efforts to halt, prevent and reverse nature loss through addressing their own impactsContinue Reading

side view of a conifer sapling

Young innovators, policy-makers and activists around the world are working to secure their future on a healthy planet in stable and cohesive societies. Twenty-six youth delegates at this year’s Annual Meeting are focusing on nature and climate education, advocacy, innovation and entrepreneurship to safeguard the planet. Find out who theyContinue Reading

Nature as a place to heal ourselves and the planet | Environment

Being in nature can heal us and our fragmented relationships with each other and even begin to contribute to the healing of the planet, according to author and filmmaker Priyanka Kumar. In Kumar’s new book, “Conversations with Birds,” she explores some of the experiences she’s had with birds and howContinue Reading

Why giving rights to nature will not stop environmental damage

Giving legal rights to rivers and trees is touted as a potential solution to environmental damage. But history suggests its effect will be minor. In November 2022 the Irish Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss recommended to government that protecting the environment should be recognised in the constitution. If successful, Ireland will follow Ecuador inContinue Reading

The Geneva Association - Nature and the insurance Industry: Taking action towards a nature-positive economy - Notebook

The sustainability of natural capital is vital for socio-economic development and prosperity. Yet, nature has systematically been considered an externality – undervalued and mispriced by the public and private sectors. There is clear and concrete evidence of the large-scale impacts of nature degradation due to human activity, as well asContinue Reading

Businesses will need to take rapid action on nature reporting following COP15 biodiversity agreement

COP15 adopted a vision and roadmap for the conservation and management of biodiversity for the next decade. This post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework will set the agenda for action on nature as part of broader sustainability efforts, as biodiversity conservation is increasingly being recognized as an essential part of sustainable development.Continue Reading

Finding Nature in a Built Environment

Yosemite Valley. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair. Most of us travel through environments—either built or what we call “natural” —without realizing how much they have been altered over time or understanding why these changes happened. Readers of Changing the Commons: Stories About Placemaking by landscape architect John Northmore Roberts will comeContinue Reading