Stronger environment law enforcement needed to combat illegal wildlife trade

The fourth National Environment Law Enforcement (NELE) Summit kicked off on July 14 to discuss ways to strengthen the country’s environmental law enforcement. With the theme, “Sustaining inter-agency collaborations for intensified ELE toward a better environment amid pandemic,” the three-day event tackled the multifaceted problems faced by law enforcement agenciesContinue Reading

Holistic strategy needed to tackle growing marine plastic crisis

As the marine ecosystem plays an critical role in mitigating climate change, through absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2), cooling the environment and sustaining delicate marine wildlife, it is becoming increasingly important to mitigate a mounting problem – the leakage of plastic waste into oceans and seas. To illustrate the gravity ofContinue Reading

World Environment Day: Judicial number-crunching needed...

(Photo: Unsplash / Markus Spiske) In a world that knows no environmental boundaries, how can we finally and more effectively avert the climate crisis? We need to stop seeing the threat posed by climate change as lying in the future and take immediate action. Abandoning coal and oil is whatContinue Reading

Moonshot approach needed for deep decarbonisation : Energy & Environment

02 February 2021 Speakers at the US Energy Association’s (USEA) 17th Annual State of the Energy Industry Forum last week called for the reimagination of the electricity grid and likened the efforts needed to develop alternative energy carriers, particularly for hard-to-decarbonise sectors, to a “moonshot”. EPRI’s Arshad Mansoor speaking atContinue Reading