Illustration by Radia Durrani

Illustration by Radia Durrani Decades ago in 1975, the villagers of Kot Behlan in the district of Sheikhupura in Sindh were surprised to see a white crow flying the village skies. They hadn’t seen anything but the grey-necked crow commonly seen in Pakistan. “This white crow was beyond our imagination,”Continue Reading

Deeply dug pits in the Hub River filled with water

Deeply dug pits in the Hub River filled with water | Photos by the writer A one-and-a-half hour drive away from Karachi, Hub Dam is a popular picnic spot for residents of the city. It is where a major part of the city’s water supply comes from, the Hub RiverContinue Reading

Bold measures for raising revenue - Newspaper

Pakistan needs to improve its tax collection as it faces a sizeable public debt of 66 per cent of GDP (as of March 2022) worth Rs44 trillion or Rs200,000 per Pakistani citizen. The federal government lacks the resources to even meet its “must have” expenditures post the transfer of theContinue Reading

The environmental journey - Newspaper

PAKISTAN’s policy since inception has been to fast-track economic growth, even if it entails deterioration of the natural environment. Our policymakers seem to have internalised a myth: the country has to choose between environment and development. This false belief has given them licence to strip the country of its naturalContinue Reading

Environment: The crying trees - Newspaper

Here I stand, badly damaged and awfully hurt, looking at my dreadful enemies who seem careless and happy, knowing what their kind has done to our kind. My trunk is pressed against hard bricks and I am in excruciating pain. My branches don’t have space and my leaves are tangledContinue Reading

Population and environment - Newspaper

PAKISTAN’S booming population is at odds with its natural endowments. Environmental stress caused by an imbalance between rapid population growth and limited natural resources is one of the most frightening, but least discussed realities we face. Our already teetering economy — one which can barely generate the three million additionalContinue Reading


It’s a popular idea that the path to sustainability lies in high-tech solutions. By making everyday items like cars electric, and installing smart systems to monitor and reduce energy use, it seems we’ll still be able to enjoy the comforts to which we’ve become accustomed while doing our bit forContinue Reading

A Hudson Valley newspaper turns to Substack, Meta to expand digitally

As part of our ongoing research program into platforms and publishers, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism is examining the impact platform-funded initiatives are having on local newsrooms. This report is the first in a series. Over the past seven years, philanthropic support from platforms has become a feature ofContinue Reading


The capitalistic way to economic growth has not only given birth to poverty, deprivation and wars, but has also dealt a deadly blow to the global climate, endangering not only humanity but all life on this planet we inhabit. The governments of capitalist economies have virtually become servants to theContinue Reading