Opinion: Agricultural plastic is just as harmful as ocean plastic

The first U.N. Ocean Conference in five years ended recently in Lisbon, Portugal, with Secretary-General António Guterres calling for a global commitment by businesses, governments and individuals to do more to preserve and protect the planet’s seas.  But why aren’t governments meeting to discuss the agricultural plastic emergency? According to a U.N. Food &Continue Reading

Making the Indian Ocean plastic free

Last month, I had the privilege of representing India at the high-level UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, where India assured the world community that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is committed to protecting at least 30 per cent of “our” lands, waters and oceans, and thus adhere toContinue Reading

plastic bottle floating in ocean

The downside of ocean plastic waste is its ever-expanding volume. But there is good news, too, and it’s often ignored. As new recycling technologies come online to address the mounting problem of plastic waste in our world, start-up firms around the globe are focusing on repurposing ocean plastics. Plastic isContinue Reading

Sharkfest 2022 Is Here And So Is Ocean Plastic Recycling

When the topic turns to sharks, ocean plastic is not far behind, and there are some interesting developments on that score. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at World’s Largest Hammerhead?, which is part of Disney’s annual Sharkfest series unspooling now on Disney+ and National Geographic channels.Continue Reading


Ocean Recovery Group (ORG), a Deerfield Park, FL-based social-business enterprise, is taking action to combat ocean-bound plastic waste in the Caribbean. Aided by recycling and packaging experts, the group is bringing recycling infrastructure for these plastics to the Dominican Republic. ORG’s facility in La Vega, Dominican Republic, began processing inContinue Reading

Blue bonds: An ocean of possibilities

Before delving into the matter of blue bonds, it is important to briefly understand the “blue economy” itself. Blue economy is a term in economics which relates to the preservation and exploration of the marine environment. The World Bank states that the blue economy is the sustainable use of oceanContinue Reading