Wanted: A sea-change in climate finance for oceans

December 15 – The oceans are inextricably connected to the health of the planet, and of humans: they absorb up to 30% of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 90% of excess heat, and over 3 billion people — almost half the global population — depend directly on marine andContinue Reading

here's how AI can help protect the oceans

You’ve seen the art AI image generators can create, and you may have played with natural language AI chatbots. You’ve benefited from artificial intelligence tools recommending you music and suggesting your next streaming show. But AI can do much more. Humans are excellent at spotting patterns. It’s why we seeContinue Reading

Restoring oceans - environment - Graphic Online

For many years, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has been conducting projects aimed at increasing productivity in the fish and fisheries sector. The CSIR-Food Research Institute and CSIR-Water Research Institute have been at the forefront of those endeavours. These projects are under the Ministry of Environment, ScienceContinue Reading

Can a landmark treaty stop waste from choking the oceans?

On a warm windy day in early April, Jace Tunnell steps out of his car at Morgan’s Point, a spit of land that juts out into the Houston Ship Channel in Texas. Tunnell, a marine biologist and reserve director at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, sets his watchContinue Reading

The Nereid Biomaterials team, including Rochester biologist Anne S. Meyer, has created the first ocean instrument made with 3D-printed internal parts composed of bioplastics. The instrument will be replicated and deployed in swarms to enable distributed measurements of the ocean carbon cycle. But because they will be made of bioplasticContinue Reading

'How do we become a protector for the oceans?': Malaysian leading recycler on being ocean bound plastic-certified | News | Eco-Business

The circular economy concept, with a focus on turning waste into resources and extending the life of products and materials, is now increasingly seen as an emerging paradigm for companies that want to promote sustainable growth. Heng Hiap Industries, a Johor-based integrated plastic recycling firm traditionally recycles post-consumer and industrialContinue Reading

The Plastics Paradox Facing Humanity

As the private transportation sector shifts focus to batteries, biofuels, and green hydrogen, fossil fuel stakeholders have been seeking new avenues of revenue in the petrochemical industry in general, and in plastics in particular. That’s bad news for a world already swimming—literally—in plastic pollution. Product manufacturers and other upstream forcesContinue Reading