Palm oil is actually not that bad for the environment (anymore)

In the last two decades, palm oil has become an environmental boogeyman, an ingredient that conscious consumers should try to avoid. The oil, found in everything from baby shampoo to ice cream, earned its bad reputation. Over the last 30 years, palm oil companies leveled acre upon acre of treesContinue Reading

The world loses when Big Oil holds all the cards

Imagine that the future of civilization is being decided at a poker table. The four players are the chairman of ExxonMobil, the distinguished climate scientist James Hansen, climate activist Greta Thunberg, and the mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, one of America’s most flood-prone cities. The game is Texas Hold’em. TheContinue Reading

How oil spills affect humans and the environment

The open seas are crucial for sustaining human life: they feed us, generate the oxygen we rely on and regulate our climates. They are also homes to thousands of species of animals and microorganisms that form incredible marine ecosystems. Yet irresponsible human activities, like deep-sea fracking, disposing of untreated waterContinue Reading

Corpus Christi oil spill remnants are still being found

An oil spill into Corpus Christi Bay has left lingering questions into what the full impact will be to wildlife and the environment, as well as to how effectively officials notified the public. The spill was first reported on Dec. 24, originating from a pipe failure at the Flint HillsContinue Reading


The collapse of Venezuela’s once prolific oil industry has triggered an economic and humanitarian crisis that accelerated in 2019 after U.S. President Donald Trump implemented strict sanctions cutting the Maduro regime off from international energy markets. It isn’t only Venezuela’s economy and people which have suffered from a foundering hydrocarbonContinue Reading