OPINION: 'How the Environment Act affects existing contracts'

OPINION: In the area of waste management, the Environment Act 2021 contains a range of provisions relating to issues such as producer responsibilities, charges for single-use plastics, deposit return schemes, prevention of waste crimes and other miscellaneous provisions. These provisions introduce a more comprehensive duty on waste collection authorities (WCAs)Continue Reading

[OPINION] The climate and environment agenda: 2022 in review

The green agenda will always be one of the most important issues that need to be monitored and addressed on any given day, month, or year. And 2022 was no different. New leadership at the national and global levels provided hope for many countries and communities that actions to resolveContinue Reading

Opinion: ’Made in Saskatchewan’ environmental neglect

As representatives from around the world were starting to gather in Montreal at COP15 to work toward an agreement to stave off biodiversity collapse, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe decided it was a good time to say a few things about his province’s environmental sustainability and stewardship. No matter that SaskatchewanContinue Reading

Kaley Cross

Growth of the plastics recycling industry seems to have always been blighted by the proverbial “chicken or egg” situation. Do you build more recycling capacity first, or wait until there is sufficient supply to fill that new capacity? Should you collect a new material if no market exists? How doContinue Reading

Opinion: ESG falling short? Low carbon funds overvalued? High integrity carbon credits offer a bridge to net zero finance

Carbon credits can provide flexibility for more efficient and impactful use of capital where low carbon portfolios are overvalued or if ESG strategies are failing to deliver meaningful climate change mitigation.  The financial sector’s transition to net zero should include widespread use of high integrity carbon credits (1), as aContinue Reading

Plastics recycling processing equipment with washing water.

Three experts at a wastewater treatment system provider cover the myriad issues plastics reclaimers need to consider when shopping for a system. | Nordroden/Shutterstock Wastewater treatment in plastics recycling Recycling of plastics and other materials is becoming increasingly important worldwide. The industry is experiencing a boom, driven by laws andContinue Reading