Mortgage financing options in a higher interest rate environment

Over the past two years, interest rates have risen from historical lows to as high as 7% for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. Interest rates have remained elevated at levels that haven’t been seen for nearly 20 years. According to recent CFPB analysis of quarterly HMDA data, these higher rates have alreadyContinue Reading

blue-green, environment

Blue-green deployment is a change management strategy for software releases. Blue-green deployments require two identically configured hardware environments. One environment is active and serves end users while the other remains idle. Blue-green deployments are typically used for applications with strict uptime requirements. First, new code is released to staging environmentsContinue Reading

MSMEs urged to consider alternative financing options

MSMEs told not to resort to illegal financing as their final option for aid due to ridiculously high-interest rates  by AUFA MARDHIAH / pic TMR Tunku Danny says it is time for SMEs to consider tapping into ECF and P2P as their alternative financing source SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs)Continue Reading

Global X ETFs profile picture

Lemon_tm The current investment landscape presents no shortage of challenges for investors, and we expect current levels of market volatility to linger. Following over a decade of low inflation, the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) is now at its highest levels in four decades, and the Federal Reserve (Fed) isContinue Reading

NFTs and crypto provide fundraising options for breast cancer awareness

The hype around nonfungible tokens (NFTs) may be fading, yet a number of organizations continue to implement Web3 initiatives. Nonprofit organizations and activists, in particular, have begun implementing nonfungible token projects to help fundraise and generate awareness for certain causes.  While these methods are still new, NFT projects for philanthropyContinue Reading