Environmental groups call for oversight of Baltimore’s other wastewater treatment plant as problems continue – Baltimore Sun

Environmental groups are calling for third-party oversight at Baltimore’s Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant after an inspection conducted last week found continuing equipment problems resulting in high levels of bacteria and nutrients released into the river. It comes a few weeks after the Maryland Environmental Service took charge of Baltimore’s otherContinue Reading

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Breadcrumb Trail Links News Local News Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C. has been calling for amalgamation of government responsibilities for parks, trails and recreation sites since it was formed in 1976. Publishing date: Feb 26, 2022  •  44 minutes ago  •  3 minute read  •  Join the conversation Goldstream Provincial Park.Continue Reading

Daniel Moore

Underground natural gas reservoirs—in depleted oil and gas fields, aquifers, and salt formations—have emerged as a flashpoint for federal energy regulators as they work to finalize a new policy on pipeline reviews. Two gas storage projects under review highlight the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s challenge in assessing emissions impacts fromContinue Reading

Overnight Energy & Environment — Presented by ExxonMobil — Oil execs expected to answer Oversight questions

Oil execs expected to answer Oversight questions Welcome to Wednesday’s Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond. Subscribe here: thehill.com/newsletter-signup. Today we’re looking at a response to the House Oversight Committees search for answers from oil companies, White House effortsContinue Reading

Environmental Oversight Improves Under DeSantis, But Enforcement Issues Remain - Central Florida News - Environment

ORLANDO, Fla.—Florida’s oversight of the state’s fragile natural resources has improved under Gov. Ron DeSantis but remains far behind where it was a decade ago, according to a new report by a nonprofit advocacy group supporting current and former government employees involved in environmental protection. While DeSantis has made theContinue Reading

Pat Rizzuto

The EPA—not states—should regulate fertilizer waste storage sites, environmental groups say, pointing to problems like those in Florida where a leak in a reservoir wall nearly unleashed millions of gallons of wastewater. The vast pools of acidic, radioactive wastewater are “environmental disasters waiting to happen,” said Jaclyn Lopez, senior attorneyContinue Reading