Group CEOs reflect on latest financial and sustainability highlights for the Asia-Pacific consulting powerhouse with a focus on changes and challenges brought through CV-19, digital transformation, sustainability-linked finance, and growth in emerging markets 20 September 2021 / Asia Pacific, Business, Covid-19, Developing economies, ESG, Global, Green finance,Continue Reading

Sustainable recovery from the pandemic is crucial for Asia to increase competitiveness | Press Releases | Asia

Singapore, 16 September 2021 – A sustainable recovery is critical for Asia Pacific to reduce the risk of future pandemics, transition to a low carbon economy, create jobs and increase competitiveness.  This was the consensus of more than 600 leaders from across government, finance, business and civic society convening for Unlocking capital for sustainability 2021, who agreedContinue Reading

Poppadom maker grows despite pandemic, Business News & Top Stories

Instead of cowering when the Covid-19 crisis hit last year, Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms chose to add pop and crackle to its business strategy. The result: The Singapore brand not only beat the odds, but also increased its revenue and expanded its business. How? The six-year-old brand made innovative moves, fromContinue Reading

Climate Corner: The Plastic Pandemic

The refill bar at Eastport General Store. Photo by Brendan J. O’Reilly By Jenny Noble Imagine you’re an albatross whose stomach is so bloated with plastic that you can hardly walk. Or a sea turtle suffocating on a plastic bag that you mistook for a jellyfish. Or a socialite atContinue Reading

Top Shops: Benchmarking Injection Molding in a Pandemic Year

Because of the wrinkle of the global pandemic, or perhaps in spite of it, Plastics Technology’s annual Top Shops survey received its best-ever response as injection molders seemed anxious to take a deep dive into operations that stayed open as essential businesses, while other segments of the broader economy faltered. “TheContinue Reading

Winston S.  Kirton

As the pandemic continues to shine a bright light on inequalities in health-care access in the U.S., policy responses to the pandemic have the potential to pave the way to a more equitable future. This should not be surprising, given that the problem of vaccinating the country’s sprawling and highlyContinue Reading