Healthcare Industry CISOs Collaborate to Solve the Third Party Cyber Risk Problem

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amid heightened threats to the nation’s healthcare systems, more than 20 leading healthcare organizations have come together to identify effective, efficient, and new innovative approaches to reduce cyber risk across the healthcare industry’s third-party ecosystem. The Health 3rd Party Trust (Health3PT) Initiative and Council, announced today, is committed toContinue Reading

A new party seeks to exploit the anti-immigration environment in Denmark

Discrimination of immigrants and identity concerns affect quite the entire political scene in the country   Anti-immigration politics are not unknown in Denmark. Initially boosted by the far-right party Danish People’s Party (DPP) soon were adopted by other political forces, including the Social Democrats. However, the anti-immigration ground still offersContinue Reading

Green Party environment minister worried more about her image than raising the alarm over last year’s German floods

Former Rhineland-Palatinate state Environment Minister Anne Spiegel (Green Party) was not concerned with the plight of the population during last year’s severe flood disaster in the Ahr Valley, but about her image. This has been evidenced by recently published emails and chat transcripts. Spiegel has since risen to become federalContinue Reading

Close sticky video

Breadcrumb Trail Links Politics News National Local News The astrophysicist from Vancouver says that with flooding and climate change devastating the country, this is the “exact moment” when the Green Party’s policies are most needed. Author of the article: The Canadian Press Marie Woolf Green Party Interim Leader Amita KuttnerContinue Reading

The party for plastic packaging players may be over

PLASTIC packaging companies came under the spotlight last year as demand for plastic packaging-related products soared, spurred on by the change in consumption patterns of consumers across the globe as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the recent meteoric rise in the price of resin — a crucial materialContinue Reading

National Party waging war against Australian environment

The Australian environment cannot survive the National Party, writes Sue Arnold. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA is reporting that the Nationals are revolting on climate change, demanding the new $1 billion Grid Reliability Fund be allowed to invest in coal and nuclear power. Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has lodged an amendment in ParliamentContinue Reading

Democratic Party staffer resigns, alleging ‘toxic environment'

Vermont Democratic Party members protest former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in Burlington in May 2019. VDP photo A Vermont Democratic Party staff member ripped the organization on his way out the door this week, citing a “toxic environment” in the party and a “lack of willingness to take the necessaryContinue Reading