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Fintech and payments trends are constantly changing due to the development of new technologies. If you or your business is still relying on the good old credit-card, we’ve got some news for you in 2023. Grab your copy of our latest Quarterly Intelligence Report for Q3 2022 before your competitorsContinue Reading

Merchants paving the way for financial inclusion by shifting local population from cash to digital payments

In conversation with Mr. Fahim Saiyed, Chief Business Officer, RING as he talks about the evolving merchants from small towns and how fintechs are driving financial inclusion of the unorganized sector in India ·  Briefly introduce RING & highlight your role in the organization? RING is an online instant credit platform that caters toContinue Reading

Five Takeaways from the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)

Last week, we flagged in an article that the Federal Government released a consultation paper for reforms to the Australian payments system. In this article, we provide further details of the consultation paper and review of the payments system more generally. Why do we need a payments system review? Australia’sContinue Reading


By Swati Dublish, Rajsekar Jayashankar, and Navin Mishra The payments space is evolving quickly, with the advent of new players other than banks and financial services institutions. These competitors are disrupting the status quo and taking payments from the funds transfer and remittances realm to innovative concepts like buy nowContinue Reading

Sustaining digital payments growth is emerging markets

Digital payment transactions have grown rapidly in emerging markets during the past two years, as the pandemic accelerated shifts to contactless payments and e-commerce. E-wallets proliferated, real-time account-to-account transfers took off, and industry players formed new partnerships to access capabilities and broaden their customerContinue Reading


LAS VEGAS, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GBank Financial Holdings Inc. (“GBank” or the “Company”) (OTCQX: GBFH), the parent company for Bank of George (the “Bank”), today announced its partnership with i2c Inc., a leading provider of digital payment and banking technology, to expand the Bank’s existing gaming payments ecosystem throughContinue Reading

Next moves in the global payments ecosystem

The global payments industry demonstrated its resilience again in 2021, more than recouping the revenue erosion experienced in 2020, which was the sector’s first decline since the 2008–09 financial crisis. Our five-year revenue outlook now exceeds prepandemic expectations, topping $3 trillion by 2026. The factorsContinue Reading

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Everi supplied supplied 750 casinos with financial access services in 2021. Last year Everi Holdings processed over 125 million financial access transactions for casinos, games, and slot machines. The Las Vegas based gaming industry provider developed its casino floor financial services tools to enable secure transactions, streamline card processing, andContinue Reading