U.S. environment workers to Biden: Declare a climate emergency!

Extreme storms have caused higher water levels that are eroding Chicago’s shoreline along Lake Michigan. The Chicago-based union of EPA workers has urged President Biden to declare a climate emergency. AP CHICAGO—The Chicago-based union which represents 1,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Midwestern regional workers doesn’t want President Joe Biden toContinue Reading

The People's Ecosystem: Community Empowerment Through Cannabis

An equitable cannabis industry should include legacy operators — this is the cornerstone principle at The People’s Ecosystem. The People’s brand started as a legacy dispensary founded by two women of color; it is now growing into a vertically integrated multi-state operator. They have also built an accelerator that existsContinue Reading

ESF’s Center for Native Peoples and the Environment and The Nature Conservancy Embark on Transformational Partnership

Newswise — A new partnership between the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry’s (ESF) Center for Native Peoples and the Environment (CNPE) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will serve as a bridge between traditional ecological knowledge and Western scientific approaches, embracing a “two-eyed” way of seeing and informing conservation.Continue Reading

How Fast Fashion Harms the Environment — and People's Health

For most people shopping in America, it’s unavoidable: Fast fashion is all over the place. Though definitions may vary, this large chunk of the clothing available today includes items made and shipped as cheaply and quickly as possible. And though fast fashion puts all the latest runway trends in shopper’sContinue Reading

“People’s narrative brings the change and reinstalling Indian traditional value could bring biggest change on climate action” says NITI Aayog Vice Chairman at WSS 2021"

New Delhi, June 4:On the occasion of this World Environment Day, The Policy Times in partnership with Recyclean Inc and The Shakti Plastic Industries is organized World Sustainability Summit 2021 online with support from GreenScape, ECOEX on 4th & 5th June from 5 pm to 9 pm to set aContinue Reading

“People’s narrative brings the change and reinstilling Indian traditional value could bring biggest change on climate action ”- VC, NITI Aayog at WSS 2021"

TPT Bureau New Delhi, June 4:The global pandemic has reinforced the global focus on climate change and given people a fresh outlook and motivation to build a more sustainable and resilient world as a business and the usual attitude could land us in grave danger than the pandemic. On theContinue Reading