This 12-Time NBA All-Star Is Making Autoparts With Plants, Predicts 'All Plastics Will Be Made From Cannabis' - Stellantis (NYSE:STLA), One World Products (OTC:OWPC)

By Javier Hasse and Nicolás José Rodríguez. “I envision a future where the Fords, the GMs, the Stellantis’ of the world take plastics out of their automobiles and infuse them with industrial hemp to replace those plastics, thus reducing their carbon footprint,” says Isiah Thomas, NBA star, cannabis entrepreneur andContinue Reading


Debates continue over what place that mechanical and chemical recycling technologies have in the industry. While the former mechanically crushes or shreds plastic and reforms it into secondary products, the latter chemically breaks plastic down into its building blocks, acclaimed to make virgin-like polymers of a higher quality from hard-to-recycleContinue Reading

10 plants for Idaho xeriscape, native, pollinator gardens

As Idaho nears three years of persistent drought, Boise residents might be looking for new ways to conserve water. Diane Jones, owner of Draggin’ Wing High Desert Nursery, told the Idaho Statesman she’s seen a surge of interest in xeriscaping in recent years. The landscaping practice focuses on water-conserving plants,Continue Reading

Top 10 Bathroom Plants to grow in humid environment of shower

Who doesn’t want cleaner and better air in the bathroom? Plants can help with that. Bathroom plants have huge benefits; purify the air, bring greenery and nature into one of our more sterile rooms, eliminate bacteria and absorb extra moisture. Besides, house plants can help increase your vitality and giveContinue Reading